A List of Mystic Raine's Other Websites

Now for a little bit of shameless self-promotion...

  • Anime Etc. : My website nexus. Every site I have is listed on this site and there are various other odds and ends.
  • The Dragon Ball Fanfiction Library: My Dragon Ball fanfiction archive which I believe is the largest archive solely dedicated to DB/DBZ/DBGT fanfiction.
  • Goku Girl no Soushi: My LiveJournal for my writing.
  • The Otaku Institute: An archive for all Japanese-fandom fanfiction. This includes (but isn't limited to) anime, manga, video games, and live action.
  • The Otaku Institute Same-Sex Archive: The shounen ai/yaoi (gay) and shoujo ai/yuri (lesbian) version of the original archive. This used to be the Dragon Ball Fanfiction Library Slash Archive.
  • Suto-ri Denkaku: My personal fanfiction site.