What is Infinity Forest?

Infinity Forest is a place where anything can happen... and often does. It is a realm of fantasy, of adventure, and of discovery.

This site came to be primarily because of a web design class I had to take. Previously all of my original stories were either on my LiveJournal or on my personal fanfiction site Suto-ri Denkaku. Since I was starting to write more and more original stories, I decided it was time to separate these stories from my fanfics.

An Additional Note Before You Venture Further...

As much as it saddens me that I must give advance warning, majority of the original stories that I write are gay- and lesbian-themed. If you are offended by such subject matter, it would be best if you did not read any of my stories as they will not be marked. All "flames" resultant of narrow-minded people not heeding my warning will be ignored.