Who is Mystic Raine?

Mystic Raine primarily goes by the penname of Goku Girl and is sort of known for her Dragon Ball Z fanfiction.

Not-So-Interesting Information About Mystic Raine

Real Name: Miyako
Birthday: June 4
Location: Flint, MI
Occupation: being a poor computer science student
Favorite Color: Any shade of blue that isn't pastel
Hobbies: watching anime, reading manga and fantasy novels, computers, writing, website design

Additional Information

I didn't begin writing for fun until the ninth grade when I discovered what fanfiction was. After three years of altering the Dragon Ball Z world to suit my purposes, I began creating my own worlds.

Few things I write statisfy me the first time around. When it comes to writing I am a perfectionist and will spend countless hours revising and critiquing. The first original story I ever wrote (which used to be known as Jewel Quest) has gone through fourteen rewrites yet I still continue my quest to create the perfect fantasy universe for Asia and the people that surround her.